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A little about me and what I do

I do many different crafts. I started making jewelry in 2005 out of hemp. Then I wanted to expand what I could make so I started making jewelry using beads. I made jewelry for about 6 years and then I stopped and in 2015 I taught myself how to crochet, and I think it would about 2017 when I started teaching myself how to sew. I am not great at that and I do not make garments. Masks, pillow cases, pillows, and bags are really all I know how to make as of right now. In 2019 I bought a cricut and I started making decals, key chains, and shirts using vinyl. My next hobby added was right before the pandemic started and that was resin art, and my latest hobby I have added to my list is sublimation printing and tumblers. The amount of different things I am able to do is just about limitless. If I have never done it I will try it and if I fail at it once I will take notes on what went wrong and try it again a little differently.

A little about the sublimation printing if you are unaware of what it is and what it mean. Sublimation prints use a different kind of ink then what you use on your regular printer. It need sublimation ink. Once you print an image out you use a heat press and it activates the ink and it goes into the item you are trying to sublimate. The only down side to sublimation is fabric items needs to have 65% or more polyester with the remaining percentage being cotton. The sublimation ink will not work on 100% cotton. It does however work on fleece, microfiber, and satin.